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Everly Wholesale Clothing

There is a universal belief that no other wholesale women’s clothing brand rivals Everly in manufacturing funky and glamorous loose fitting dresses for young girls in LA. Among their blooming list of collection for young girls include both modern and vintage-inspired avant-garde dresses made using bold colors and flouncy designs. In fact, their tag-line – “Believe in looking good, feeling good, doing good & sisterhood” says it all.

Founded in 2009 by two design genius in Fabiana and Adriana, Everly vividly exhibits what experts in the knitting of fabric, prints and clean lines are capable of. It is based in San Pedro, LA and have a thriving online store outfits of all seasons are available for purchase. According to the two siblings, Everly is all about meshing life and fashion together and using a touch of personality so that one can customize her wardrobe well.

What really makes Everly stand out and indeed be a trendsetter amongst young and beautiful girls is the way the designers tailor the outfits. The two designers get their inspiration from what a fashion-savvy girl of today needs – to look good, feel good, do good and be a true girl. That’s why all their loose fitting, knee length dresses are made to look casual and still decent or official and classy.

Everly’s summer dress collection includes bold colored dresses and high-waisted, knee-length dresses of various plain and patterned styles. Aside from the gowns, you can also find colorful boho style rompers that basically describe their spring collection.

If you need a perfect couture Fall outfit, Everly has a huge list of them too. From the contemporary ones to the vintage inspired, you will be guaranteed of an extensive collection that includes both the sleeves, minimalist dresses and modern and trendsetting. However, as you sample all of their collections, one thing is for sure – they are a designer, durable and comfy gourmets for all.

Above and beyond, Everly manages to offer classic attire at affordable rates. If you would love to purchase their items online, just head to their online shop and be sure to choose what you identify yourself with. You should also keep up with their products by being in tabs with their Events. Don’t forget to follow up with them through social media channels as that’s where offers and brand-new collections, promos are unleashed too.

Everly Clothing Wholesale

Address: 1100 S. San Pedro Street Unit #0-14, Los Angeles, CA

Customer Service: 213-765-5333

Email: hello@everlyclothing.com

Website: www.everlyclothing.com

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