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Rehab Wholesale Clothing

If Los Angeles is the next world’s major women’s clothing wholesale brands hub, then Rehab Clothing is among those that give this city the reputation. Calling itself a Unique, yet Edgy trendsetter for women’s attire, Rehab Clothing mainly focuses on what the contemporary crop of women love and would love to adorn. It is a privately owned and operated clothing line best known for a vast collection of foxy dresses, pants, tops and more.

Rehab Clothing, or just Rehab, is a fairly young clothesline, but given that it, quite frankly, reflects the must-have fashion designs and attire for the future, most of their collection attract a massive number of buyers. It is more than a woman’s convenience store, perhaps where next fashionable attires are born. Also, Rehab makes the entire shopping experience enjoyable, thanks to massive bargains and a vast collection to choose from.

The women’s clothing wholesale brand’s central focus in to create an online shopping experience that is both independent and unmatched. Moreover, all the items and the way they are presented as the showrooms as well as online truly mesmerize. If you could get a glimpse of what they have, maybe via the many affiliate store, then you would understand why it’s among the best women’s wholesale cloth sellers in LA, California.

Whether you are hunting for the very best in women’s best-selling garments or the new arrivals in nearly all ladies’ clothing, just visit their visit their online store. You can head down to their store in 1165 1/3 Crocker St. Los Angeles and secure yourself an incredible list of beautiful items. There is an Olympic-sized showroom in Los Angeles, as well as an actively thriving online purchases portal that stock a vast number of truly elegant women’s clothes.

Indeed unique, bold and sophisticated, Rehab Clothing is a fast-rising wholesale online destination for fashion-savvy women of today. Virtually every piece of garment is sold affordably in Rehab Clothing. So, if you are hunting for the best collection of tops, pants, and dresses, and much more; those that will undoubtedly make you a standout, better visit Rehab Clothing Shop.

For all online transactions, you must first create an account. For further information, their instant reaching lines include their phone number (213-746-4555) and email contact details ( Otherwise, you can contact them through their Facebook Page, Instagram or Tweet them directly.

Rehab Clothing Wholesale

Address: 1165 1/3 Crocker St. Los Angeles, CA 90021

Customer Service: 213-746-4555



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Rehab Clothing
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 by Tiana Thomas

I purchased some items from them on 4/20... around that date. It is currently now 5/7 and i literally just found out my products were shipped yesterday. I have been going online to the rehab website to check my account and the only thing on my account is "order being processed". They sent me ONE email after me making the purchase confirming my purchase. I never received any email regarding my package being shipped, regarding any tracking numbers or even any attempts being made to drop off. I never received anything as far as communication. They do not want to honor a full refund as well expect me to pay extra for overnight shipping. The lady on the phone only response to me was we delivered to the correct address and its not their fault i did not put my apartment number on file......... Regardless of not having the apartment number listed , i never received any notification on my package and both ups and rehab have my email and phone number. The package have been in Jacksonville the whole entire time and i would have never knew if i wasn't annoyed to the reason that it was taking sooo long for me to get any updates. I would really like to reach a member of management to send them pictures of the ONE AND ONLY email i received as well as what my account says. I will not be repurchasing . As a customer i feel like that i was scammed out of my money, especially with this corona thing going on.