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Tea n Rose Wholesale Clothing

Tea and Rose is a feminine fashion company that is located in Los Angeles. It is a relatively young fashion company whose main market is the young woman under the age of 35 years old.

To dress this woman, the company has put efforts into creating apparel that is daring, creative, bold, playful, and flirty. Nevertheless, the company creates fashionable apparel for several women personalities. To this end, it has several electric designs that range from bold floral printed dresses; bohemian inspired influenced dusters, crotchets, and vintage printed tops among others. The company has been steadily rising for the five years that it has been in the market.

The company has several brands under its name specifically for given women ages and personalities


Tea and Rose

The Tea and Rose is a junior line that targets the girls between the late teenage and the young adults. To this age group, the fashion company has created a line of bold and chic dressing that includes fitting dresses and vintage-inspired flare dresses. Some of the common attire under this brand includes taue drop waist dresses for girls, Black Crochet, Bralette cover-up, sleeveless jumpsuits, rompers, leggings, sidetail tunics, fit and flare dresses, shorts and more.

Orange Creek

Orange Creek brand targets the more liberal and free spirited woman. The brand is highly priced with targets being the upper middle to high-class woman. Just like the Tea and Rose fashion, Orange Creek fashion covers different personalities as well as tastes. The premium label fashion is more contemporary than any of its other brands and is creative in the mixing of the dressing. Some of the common styles include Bohemian crotchet sweaters, taupe knit thermal cowls, variety poncho sweaters, hooded shirts, office attire and much more.

Tea n Rose Young

This line targets the young girl and is inspired by the need to cover women of ages in the family. The line offers contemporary young girl designs with special care to ensure that the garments are kid-friendly. Dressing in this line varies from chic dresses, shorts, sweaters, leggings, small girl tunics and much more.

Buying from Tea and Rose

Tea and Rose have a mobile app where you can login and view the latest fashion designs in the market. As for the wholesalers that would like to stock their brands, you open an account at their website and wait for them to contact you. Tea N Rose is a premium brand for any woman regardless of the age and personal taste.

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Tea N Rose Wholesale

Address: 1166 Crocker St. Los Angeles, CA 90021

Customer Service: 213-493-4333

Email: sales@teanrose.com

Website: www.teanrose.com

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