YMI Wholesale Clothing


YMI Wholesale Clothing

The young contemporary fashion brand was established in 2000 by three fashion entrepreneurs, Moshe Zaga, David Vered, and Micheal Godigian. The company has expanded over the years and has plenty of physical stores nationwide, but the head office located in the fashion district of Los Angeles, California. Having started with denim, YMI has expanded its product options across various categories. Judging by the quality of wears they produce, YMI Wholesale review discovered that the company had rapid growth over the years.

The company has established itself as a leading brand in the young contemporary denim niche in the fashion industry. They have grown to be a globally recognized brand that crafts the best junior contemporary denim, outerwear, and high-quality bottoms. YMI has kept on expanding its scope by producing dresses, intimate clothing, handbags, tops, activewear, and footwear. They are looking at expanding more in the coming years. The company perfectly crafts every product they sell, and their customers have grown to appreciate the quality and become loyal to them because they are committed to outstanding fit, styling, and innovation. The brand has been known for its passion for satisfying its customers and building high-value relationships.

With its positive approach to the industry, YMI has constantly shipped goods that meet the expectations of the customers and at an affordable price. Most girls who seek to be vibrant, fashionable, youthful, and have the confidence to express themselves through their outfit see YMI as an appealing brand. Having known this, YMI has never failed to create designs that bring out the attractiveness in everybody. YMI Wholesale review found that they explore the major fashion centers of the world to make use that they continue to produce and sell the best materials, finishes, fabrics, and style. They also make use of current innovative trends to create the best contemporary wears you can buy.

Let’s take a look at what they have to offer;


Teenagers and adults who love to rock denim, be it for casual events or something official, always love to go for YMI. YMI has ensured that they provide a lot of items ranging from shirts to trousers. You can pick any unique product that fits your style.

Tops and tunics

YMI prides itself on having a variety of denim tops for teens and young adults. They are known for stylish denim sleeves, jackets, and shirts. They produce a lot of high-quality designs when compared to other denim wholesalers.

Plus-Size Styles

If you are a plus-sized lady and looking for a well-designed comfortable fit, then YMI is your brand. Feel free to choose from tops, skirts, shirts, shorts, and trousers. If you’re the type that loves to flaunt your assets, rocking the Cello Jeans will surely help you achieve that. Their collection gives a feel of comfort.

Great Customer Support

YMI ensures it hires support staff that is always willing to help you, and they are prompt with their response. All you need to do is to hit them up, and your problem will be solved as soon as possible.


YMI Clothing Wholesale

Address: 1155 S. Boyle Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90023 USA

Email: wholesale@ymijeans.com

Customer Service: 213-581-7700

Website: wholesale.ymijeans.com

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YMI Wholesale Clothing
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